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A Series in Sawdust 2 of 4: Building a Birdhouse

  • Jun 30 - AT 7:51 pm

Cost: $40 Guests / $30 Members

Duration: 2 hours (15-minute lecture, 5-minute safety brief, 100-minute application)

Attendees: 6 people

Objective: Use multiple woodworking processes and techniques to create a birdhouse

This is the second installment of a 4-part series, exploring woodworking. In this series we will be discussing the birdhouse, it’s many designs and construction. When this class is completed students will take home their creation(s). Students will learn:
• Rough cutting through operating the miter saw, table saw, scroll saw and/or bandsaw
• Creating joinery with mortise & tenon, dado, and/or other techniques
• Laminating wood using glue and clamps
• Shaping and finishing process with sanding equipment and wood varnishes

Materials will be provided for this workshop