• By reforge

Basic Auto Repair and Maintenance

  • Jul 11 - AT 10:52 pm

If you own a vehicle you know that regular maintenance is a must to avoid costly repairs or accidents.  But many of us haven’t had the privilege of attending professional training schools on how to repair and replace auto parts.

This class will cover topics like:

• How to change a tire
• How to check fluids and add if necessary
• The basic understanding of how an engine works
• The basic knowledge of the braking system i.e. rotors, pads, drums, shoes, calipers 
• Battery maintenance 
• How to check belts
• Fuses
• How to replace wiper blades

No experience is necessary to attend this class and no formal certifications will be awarded.  This is just information that you will find handy when you are doing your own BASIC auto maintenance.

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