• By reforge

CHS InfoSec Group: DC843 Meeting

  • Aug 13 - AT 10:22 pm

This will be the meetup for the CHSinfosec subgroup DC843, a Defcon group for the Charleston area (https://defcongroups.org/dcgfaq.html). The goal of DC843 will be the period instruction arm of CHSInfoSec. If you are interested in talking or helping run a DC843 meeting please contact the organizers!

For information about the content of the meetup check the Charleston InfoSec Group page https://www.meetup.com/Charleston-InfoSec-Group

What is a Defcon Group?

The DEF CON Groups were spawned from the annual DEF CON security conference in Las Vegas. The DEF CON Groups (DCGs or DC-Groups) are a gathering point for folks interested in the alternate applications of modern technology, referred to properly as ‘hacking’. DCGs are not intended to compete with any other computer groups, such as 2600, but rather to provide yet another gathering place for the discussion of technology and security topics. DCG meetings are open to anyone, regardless of their skill, age, job, gender, etc. DCGs are designed to help you learn new things, meet new people, mentor others in areas you may be strong in, and provide some cohesion within the hacker culture and it’s members.

About the Venue:

CALL IF YOU GET LOST: 843-900-MAKE (6253)

Reforge is a makerspace in Charleston, SC located in the Leeds Industrial Park. The entrance is located on the far right side of building (you will need to drive around the parking lots), next to Cummins and TorqTek. It should be the last door with a logo on it. Check the map on www.reforge.io for reference.

Directions to Reforge: