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DIY Robotics Part 1: Flashing Lights (intro into Arduino Robotics)

  • Mar 31 - AT 7:51 pm

Do you fear the robot uprising? Does the computing power of your coffee maker make you feel insecure about your own ability to do math? Are you curious about what dark forces compel your Roomba? Well, fret no longer! In this multi-part series, I will guide you step-by-step through the process of building your own robot from scratch, and programming it to do your bidding! (as long as “do your bidding” is understood to mean “wander aimlessly around until it gets stuck on something or the batteries die)

In our first class of the series, students will learn to build simple electrical circuits and program an Arduino board to flash lights in various sequences and patterns. They will also learn more about the fundamental components of a robot, the software used to program robots, and much much more!

Future classes will delve deeper into sonar, motor control, mobile power supplies, and chassis assembly.

* Please bring a laptop if you have one so we can help you get the Arduino IDE (editor and compiler) setup and make programming go faster. We will have some computers available.

Suggested per-class fee is a $20 donation with members receiving $10 off. Please RSVP before the class so we can keep track of how many kits we will need. Payments can be made in person or ahead of time at https://www.paypal.me/reforgechs (enter the class name in the notes section).