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Health, Safety, and New Member Orientation

  • May 17 - AT 7:51 pm

This class is required for new paying members. We will go over policies and procedures of Reforge Charleston including its health and safety program. To join Reforge Charleston go here: www.reforge.io/membership

The following topics will be covered:

• Tour of our space

• Basic Reforge Operations

• wiki access and how to add content

• Code of Conduct (https://wiki.reforge.io/index.php?title=Code_of_Conduct)

• Site Policies (https://wiki.reforge.io/index.php?title=Site_Policies)

• Anti-Harassment Policy (https://wiki.reforge.io/index.php?title=Anti-Harassment_Policy)

• Safety Policy (https://wiki.reforge.io/index.php?title=Safety_Policy)

• Storage Policy (https://wiki.reforge.io/index.php?title=Storage_Policy
• Tool/Equipment Tracking & Labeling (https://wiki.reforge.io/index.php?title=Tool/Equipment_Tracking_%26_Labeling)

• Tool/Equipment Loan (https://wiki.reforge.io/index.php?title=Tool/Equipment_Loan)

• Commercial Use (https://wiki.reforge.io/index.php?title=Commercial_Use)

• Donations (https://wiki.reforge.io/index.php?title=Donations)

• Events Policy (https://wiki.reforge.io/index.php?title=Events_Policy)

• Voting Rights (https://wiki.reforge.io/index.php?title=Voting_Rights)

• Computer Use Policy (https://wiki.reforge.io/index.php?title=Computer_Use_Policy)

• Intellectual Property Rights Policy (https://wiki.reforge.io/index.php?title=Intellectual_Property_Rights_Policy)

Price: FREE

To enroll: RSVP here on Meetup. If you need to reschedule for a later date please do return here to change your RSVP.