• By reforge

Intro To 3D Printing

  • Jul 11 - AT 10:52 pm

This 3D Printing class is designed for the novice and no experience is required.

3D printing is a popular method for rapid prototyping also known as additive manufacturing (AM). In additive manufacturing successive layers of material are formed under computer control to create the object.

What You’ll Learn:

This course will cover the fundamentals of 3D printing and how to select and maintain your new 3D printer. The instructor will also demonstrate some resources for downloading and modifying .STL files for printing on your 3D printer. Topics this course will cover:
3D Modeling and 3D Printing
Digitizing your Designs
Slicing and Exporting 3D Models
Downloading parts from Thingiverse
Fine tuning and calibrating your 3D printer
Types of filament and where to buy them from
…. and much more

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