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Intro to CNC Milling and Routing

  • Aug 09 - AT 7:51 pm

This class will teach you the basics of CNC cutting with our Shapeoko and Xcarve CNC machines. There is a Suggested class fee $20 donation with members receiving $10 off and can be paid at the class or at https://paypal.me/reforgechs. The Shapeoko and Xcarve are open source CNC (computer numerical control) cutting machine that cost less than $1,000. Historically, CNC machines have been prohibitively expensive but open source hardware continues to make it possible for hobbyist makers to use these powerful fabrication methods.

Topics that may be covered in this class:
History of CNC
CNC Machine Variety
CNC Machine Components
Positive and Negative Directions
Plus and Minus Directions
CNC Machines
Design Software
Input Methods
Control and Operation Features
Service and Proper maintenance

Details: Any members interested in using the CNC machine needs to take this class prior to using the machine, or demonstrate proficiency in CNC milling and a knowledge of the Shapeoko 2 machine in particular.

Don’t get lost, but if you do please call: 843-900-MAKE (6253)