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Intro to HTML, CSS, and Javascript

  • Feb 12 - AT 6:51 pm

• What we’ll do
Most of what you see online is build with HTML, CSS, and Javascript (otherwise knows as the “Front End” stack) These three programming languages are easy to learn and build upon each other. It has been compared to the human body with HTML as the skeleton, then CSS is the face and skin, and JS (javascript) is the body’s movement.

In this module we will learn the basics of HTML5 like valid document structure, which elements can be included inside other elements and which can not, discuss the meaning and usefulness of HTML5 semantic tags, and go over essential HTML5 tags.

A lot of people “tinker” with CSS in this class you will learn some fairly advanced concepts like floating and CSS rule conflict resolution. We’ll go over the ‘box model’, background property, etc. We’ll finish off the module with learning about Responsive Design using our own CSS code as well as start introducing Twitter Bootstrap with its essential Grid System.

What fun would a web site be if there was no functionality to it? In the Javascript module, you will learn the basics of common language constructs and Javascript types to objects, functions, arrays, closures, and scope isolation.

• What to bring
Please bring a laptop and a text editor if you are able. We won’t spend excessive time waiting for you to download software so if you need to download stuff please do so prior to arrival. (Good text editors to consider are: Sublime Text, Atom, Notepad ++, etc…… (just google “best text editor”)

• Important to know