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Intro to Welding Class

  • Apr 16 - AT 7:51 pm

Welding 101 Class

$10 for Reforge Charleston (cost of materials)

If you need metal stuck together, there is no quicker path than using a stick welder. Reforge Charleston will use a Lincoln AC-235 ARC Welder to teach you the basic principles of stick welding. You won’t be able to weld a bridge, skyscraper, or engine mount to a car frame after taking this class. But you will be able to weld 3/16″ steel bars, which is thick enough to make furniture, wrought iron gates, and very bad art. The beauty of stick welders is they are light and portable. And when you get to wherever you are going, you can use an assortment of different sticks for different metals. Plus you don’t even have to carry around a tank of compressed shielding gas.

If you sign up for this intro to welding class, you will have a chance to learn from a peer instructor about the safety standards and best practices. Bring your own mask and solder sticks, if you have them.

Welding and other activities can be dangerous, and this introductory workshop is not a substitute for a professional training course.

If you attend this event, you must use common sense to avoid injury and all risk is your own responsibility.

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