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Parking Lot Moving Sale – Everything Must go.

  • Jun 26 - AT 7:57 pm

You may have remembered our geeky garage sales. Well even if you don’t you will be impressed by our last moving geeky garage sale. everything must go or it will be trashed.

ADDITIONAL INFO: This is also a community sale so if you have stuff you need or want to sell, please come and set up a table. We ask that if you sell that you consider donating a portion of your proceeds.

You are going to find some great deals this day.

Things you might find in the to go pile:
* Wood materials
* Electronics kits
* 3d printers
* soldering irons
* Cables
* Yarn
* Furniture
* and much more

FOR MEMBERS: if you have something at the space that isn’t gone by this sale be forever warned it may be sold before you can get to it.